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Atlantic WoodWORKS! has recently created a WoodEQUAL resolution to support an Atlantic wood culture and work in conjunction with provinces and municipalities who have passed the WoodFIRST resolution.

As you may be well aware, there has been much resistance from competing building material industries due to a few factors:

  1. The success and promotion of Wood use policies and resolutions (ie. WoodFIRST)
  2. The proposed 2015 NBC which will increase the height limitation of wood buildings from 4-6 stories.

Primarily the the WoodFIRST resolution; initially implemented by the BC WoodWORKS! group in 2009 which was the foundation of relative wood use policies throughout provincial WoodWORKS! groups, is perceived as an anti competitive procurement policy. This WoodFIRST title is misleading as the resolution in Atlantic Canada does not support one material over an other, it put’s emphasis on choosing the building material that has the lowest environmental impact, within the building code requirement.  That is the purpose of the Atlantic WoodFIRST resolution

To prevent negative correspondence from other building material industries, and to start the process of working together, the Atlantic WoodWORKS! team has created the The WoodEQUAL resolution which is supported by a kit of information (backed by published Canadian Wood Council, American Wood Council and FP innovations) supporting the resolution content. This resolution has been re- designed for the target audience to recognize and understand the importance of the regional forest industry and its products.  It is non- binding and is not written to support one industry over another.

We do not want to continue this war and we want to start the process of building relationships with other building material industries.

After all we all go to sleep in wood-frame houses on top of a solid concrete foundation.


How can Atlantic WoodWORKS! help your community?


WoodWORKS! is regional program of the Maritime Lumber Bureau as part of an industry-led initiative of the Canadian Wood Council, with a goal to support innovation and provide leadership on the use of wood and forest based products.  Through workshops, seminars and case studies, WoodWORKS! provides education, training and technical expertise to building design professionals involved with commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-residential constriction projects throughout the Atlantic Canadian provinces.

Join the following Municipalities across the Atlantic Region that have adopted WoodFirst resolutions:

Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick

Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities
Kings County
Halifax Regional Municipality (Sustainability Committee)